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HOW TO: DIY LED Aquarium Light
Posted by Andrew Codeman
Posted November 9, 2012 | 0 favorites
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Description This is a tutorial on how to build an LED light for your aquarium with out the need for tools, or previous skills needed. I found that to have a nice looking light, you need around 2 LED's per square foot of tank. For a planted tank, multiply that by 2. For a reef, multiply that by 4. Or at least something close to that. TAGS: uarujoey uaru joey diy "how to" aquarium fish tank "how to build an aquarium" "3d background" co2 "canister filter" wet/dry k1 "fluidized bed" plywood acrylic cement cheap easy lighting led discus stingray stand "aquarium stand" sand overflow pvc how to build an LED light aquarium led rapid led rapidled
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