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RoboSnail, or How to clean your aquarium's front glass :)
Posted by Tatiana Rasskazova
Posted February 4, 2013 | 0 favorites
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Is RoboSnail a good idea? Comment and let me know what you think! FACEBOOK: YOUTUBE: PAGE: Got tired of polishing your aquarium's front glass? Well, RoboSnail is supposed to do it for you ;) RoboSnail is an automatic aquarium glass cleaner, manufactured by AquaGenesis International. It has a magnetic cleaner attached inside the aquarium, and when the body of RoboSnail moves all around the aquarium front glass, so is the cleaner, removing all algae on its way. The device is fully programmable, you can literally "teach it" how to behave on a particular aquarium's wall - it uses at least 10 different sensors to get its bearings on the wall. It is battery powered, and it charges itself from the docking station attached in the upper right-hand side of the aquarium. And yes, it will find its way to the docking station on its own :) The device will work best in larger aquariums, where it has enough space to move around, not damaging the aquascape. However, I would have to use it for a while, to know if it is really worth recommendation.
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