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australian native aquarium 3 months later pt-2
Posted by Tatiana Rasskazova
Posted April 11, 2014 | 0 favorites
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my 6ft aussie display tank 3 months after the first video i took and uploaded, clearly all my fish have grown quite rapidly plus the addition of 1 new wild caught silver scat and 3 wild red scats. also to mix things up abit and be different i have weaned a baby giant trevally to live in brackish water. loves his hikari sticks and is showing good signs of health sociability and growth. my jardini saratoga mysteriously died one day, but have since replaced him with a salmontail cat and other wild caught and bought fish previously mentioned and listed below. all fish are fed on a daily diet of generic protein pellets, hikari sticks and beef heart cubes with gudgeon and shrimp feeders every wednesday as a treat. filmed this vid just after dumping a few serves of feeder shrimp and gudgeons as their once a week treat. also was the first time seeing the scat peck at my murray cod, didnt seem too phased about it either. first time i actually have some good footage of the illusive cod. only time he ventures from his snag is if it's feeding time or the sooty pushes him out of his territory (slight rivalry between the two for the number one spot in the tank under the log). fish species include: sooty grunter butlers grunter silver perch 2x silver scat 3x red scats murray cod archer fish giant trevally salmontail catfish rhendals catfish jade perch bullrout/stone fish 3 bristlenose catfish brown back freshwater crab filtration consists of a sun sun 304B 2200lph with 9w uv and an aqua one aquis 1000 lighting is a 5ft unit with 2x t5 HO 80w 10000k ebay blue led for night light. heating is 1 x aqua one 300w adjustable. plants are supreme elodea and vallisneria. natural driftwood leaching tannins for an authentic native river look
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