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    морской аквариум
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    Мой маленький но любимый аквариум
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    Расположение: Экспозиция ЮАСФ-2009, Краснодар Размер: 230л, стекло Новая версия мини-рифа выполненная нами для экспозиции на Южном Архитектурно-Строительном Форуме 2009
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    Расположение: Магазин "СумСити", г.Краснодар Размер: 315л Аквариум-картина встроенный в перегородку, 300л, стекло. Выполнен в стиле “псевдоморе”.Освещение: Светильник из 4 люминесцентных ламп.Декоративные материалы: коралловый грунт, лава, ...
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    Размер: 450л, стекло Классический пресноводный аквариум в стиле Nature (”Природный”) с крышкой.Освещение: люминисцентные лампы Т5 4шт на базе светоарматур фирмы Juwel (Германия). Фильтр Eheim Classic (Германия).Декоративные материалы: речной кварц, куски ...
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    Рифовый аквариум высотой 110см.Внешная система фильтрации.Освещение: МГ и актиничные люминесцентные лампы.Риф выложен из живых камней в сочетании с Grotten Lava.Аквариум в процессе запуска.
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    Цихлидный аквариум
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    Disclaimer: Exercising reasonable safety precautions when performing the steps described in this article are the responsibility of the individuals building the background. is not responsible for personal injury or property damage as a result of following steps outlined in this article. 
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    This project idea is an improvement on the original DIY water bottle power filter design. The goal was to make the filter safer for long-term use around smaller fish.
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    South American Blackwater Biotope Aquarium   This biotope description is derived from an interview I did for that was posted on February 28, 2003. The Rio Sucasari is a small tributary near the confluence of the Rio Napo and the Amazon River about 5 hours downriver from Iquitos, Peru. It is an interesting area because of the diversity of habitats: the Rio Napo and Amazon are large whitewater rivers, while the Sucasari is ...
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    125 Gallon Terrarium by SerpaDesign on Flickr.   A shot of my 125 gallon terrarium. This tank have been up and running for about 1.5 years thus far. I have an assortment of tropical plants and some animals as well.   Current stock includes... - x5 Brown Anoles - x4 Oriental Fire-bellied Toads  
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    30L Aquatic GardenMichael SoFi, Philadelphia PA USA   30L Aquatic Garden Michael SoFi, Philadelphia PA USA
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    На фото представлен наш выставочный водопад. Город Киев
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    Congratulations to birdman204 for earning the tank of the month award for November. His Minibow Nano reef is an outstanding example of taking a 7 Gallon Minibow to the limits with lighting and equipment. Information and photographs of his Minibow Nano Reef are below, direct from the birdman204 himself. Unfortunatley , I am very obsessive.... I'd like to start by saying thank you to our site administrator for taking the time to notice my work ...
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    Reef nano
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    Congratulations to Stoney Waters for being selected for our July Reef Profile! His 40 gallon nano reef is a masterfully designed custom aquarium. Below he has written a profile of his aquarium's progress over the past two years, and shares his experiences in the hobby. Check it out and share your comments and questions in Stoney Water's featured reef profile thread.   I would like to say how honored I am to be featured in this months ...
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    Pino Esposito Italy