Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy applies to the use of the Aquadiary.
The personal information you provide to the site administration.

Using the company of your personal data. Personal information is needed to ensure that your friends can find you on the site. When you register to complete the mandatory fields are: name, birth date, country, region / state and city in which you reside. If you do not wish to provide the above information, you can choose not to register on the site.

Personal information. On the site users' passwords are stored in encrypted form, and any other information is not transferred to third parties. Your name, surname, name and home photo (avatar) will be available to all users, both registered and non registered. Your data may also be indexed by search engines, any other information will be available only to registered users, if your profile is available for public viewing.
Load photos (avatars) is not required, the user may refuse to load the main image.

Delete the account. Each user has the right to delete your account. To do this, you should go to the Settings page, select "Delete profile" and follow the instructions.
Privacy. - a site where people can communicate and share personal information. Our system of confidentiality, allowing each user to select the setting in which, if desired, may restrict access to personal information. Learn more about how you can control general access to her page.
Office of confidentiality.

Restrict access your profile from public view. If the user does not wish to be visited by strangers page, users can restrict access to his page. In this case, personal information will be available only to friends and other users will be available only to the name and picture.
Black List.

You will be able to put on the black list anyone who you think should not go to your page. All other users and friends can view your page without any restrictions.